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Friday, February 4, 2011


In order to give some background to the purpose of this blog, I have added a few pages that talk about what it means to me to become a "Master."  I have two primary goals - to earn my Masters degree, which I am currently pursuing through Southern Methodist University's Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program through the Cox School of Business, and to become a Master Bridal Consultant™, a designation given by the Association of Bridal Consultants for those who have shown excellence in the industry and strive to increase recognition to the wedding consultant profession.

The final page is a history of my experience in the special events industry and how I'm currently using my skills...kind of an informal resume/bio page of sorts.  This blog, in whole, is an exercise in training myself to stay active and involved in social media and to hold myself accountable to these goals I will discuss.  On slow news days, or when I'm just feeling kooky, I'm sure to have posts about food, yoga, my dogs, dancing, Funkytown, and other things I find amusing.  Well, let's get on the road...

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