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Monday, March 14, 2011

{Flying Time}

Wow.  I can not believe that my first module is over and the second is just beginning this week.  We had a "spring break" this past week, but mine was no break between the two jobs.  At least I snuck in a quick weekend trip to Austin to visit friends and to meet with Barr Mansion (whom I will speak of later), an "organic" event facility.  

I had such high hopes of blogging throughout my first module to share with you the trials and tribulations of being back in school.  The pace is so fast that it completely swept by me and for that I apologize to you and myself.  The goal of this blog was to get in the habit of writing regularly and I have failed.  Do over!

Mod A of the 1st semester consisted of Financial Accounting and Starting a Business I.  I am happy to say that my accounting professor succeeded in getting me to think in terms of journal entries and I got an A in the class overall.  We submitted a hefty financial assignment at the end of the Starting a Business class, so as of 5 minutes ago, I did not know my grade.  A!  I can't wait to see the feedback on the assignment, however.  The quality of the final submission was not up to my lofty standards and it will need to be tweaked before real world application.

During Mod A, I did a lot of research of local venues and one in Austin to compare organizational structures and successes.  There is so much information to process, but I will blog about each venue and what I took away from them as it relates to my overarching business goal of opening an eco-chic event venue.

Next up is the second half to Starting a Business and Organizational Behavior (yawn).  The professor sounds tough, but I hear he's really interactive.  I hope to be able to apply some of what I learn to my own goals, even though I won't be a multi-tiered organization but more like a small dictatorship.

Mwa ha ha!

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