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Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Teacher's Pet}

Ok.  It may come as no surprise to you that I am an over-achieving suck up.  Participation is such a huge aspect of our grades at school that I want to make sure the professor notices me.  In my Starting a Business class, Mr. Terry said at one point that he wishes he had a "How?" hat to wear at work.  When everyone is spouting off their grand ideas, he can say, "Yes, that's all fine and well, but HOW are you going to accomplish it?"

Since I have connections to an embroidery company through my dad, I asked him to go about making me one "How?" hat, in SMU colors of course.  In our first class back from spring break last night, I left it for him in a box.  He was reluctant to open it at first probably because he was either embarrassed or suspicious (though I reminded him that he did give me pretty good grades, so there's no reason to be wary of an exploding box).  

This module of this class is focused on the "fun" stuff, as Mr. Terry calls it...the marketing plan and preparing a pitch to present to investors.  I have been looking forward to the marketing plan because I know it is an area I am so intimately familiar with as an owner of my own wedding business for the past 7 years.  At one point, he spoke about your stationary and the ways he has made his own stand out: thick card stock, printing on both sides, branded cover pages.  During the break, I pulled out my business card: super thick card stock, bright pink on one side, logo on the other, AND rounded corners on two sides (bonus point!).  He was impressed and not only asked to keep it, but further analyzed the card pointing out my clever details.

Being in this class, and definitely to the credit of this instructor, has made me feel both humbled and optimistic about my business acumen and ideas.  I've found there is plenty for me to learn and hone, but also that I actually do have lots of relevant experience that has benefited me and my classmates.  Everything I wrote about in my application essays is true, no fluff.  

You're probably wondering...did Mr. Terry like the hat?  Well, duh!

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