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Monday, October 24, 2011

{Falling Leaves}

No, this post is not about my favorite season, but about a lesson I learned yesterday during yoga.  The teacher read a quote from the Buddha.  I couldn't find it online, but it goes something like this:

Buddha says that life is like a tree with many colored leaves.  Each one is at a different stage of maturity.  As leaves die and fall off, they become compost that nourish the tree and help it to keep growing.  So, you see, it is necessary for some parts of your life to die in order for new growth to occur.  What activity or obligation is sucking the life out of your tree?  Perhaps it is time to let it die so you can move on and grow from the nourishment it will provide as it composts into the ground.  

We were asked to make an intention around this quote.  I had to think about a part of me I am holding onto to, but should let die.  The first thing that came to mind was my wedding planning business in Wisconsin, but I am already letting it go by selling it.  But is that all?  No, I still have memorabilia on the walls of my office and I have files and files of past clients' weddings.  So, this is what I chose to focus on.  It's time to purge the stuff that went with Top Shelf Weddings & Events (of course, I won't do this until the sale is final, but you get the idea).  

I am at a standstill with my new venture and I need motivation to move forward.  Perhaps by purging this old life, I can begin the new one.  And the experience of those leaves will nourish me as new buds sprout.  Or some some such other metaphor.  

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  1. Angela -- I have found myself in much the same predicament. Recently I find I'm forced to not reevaluate per se, but to find the right path of the moment. Again. (I was injured in a massage class and massage as a career is on hold until I find a good remedy.) When I encounter these crossroads, I invariably think of Wisconsin, too. And it does feel like chains.

    I've recently put in an application for a new apartment - cheaper, more light - and have some exciting plans for it. The most telling are similar to yours: don't keep carrying around the dregs of the past until they're not weights but just weightless memories.

    Also, by packing up or tossing the memorabilia from your walls, you have space to fill with your new accomplishments! I've thought to even hang some - one or two - empty frames in my new place and never fill them so I can have a physical reminder that there is always something more to achieve, always somewhere else I can go. Not that I'm looking for a "grass is greener" thing, but rather that limits can be achieved, scaled, and a new thrilling challenge awaits on the other side of the wall.

    Basically - I support your purging and I look forward to hearing about it and where you go from you, email, blog, twitter, or that evil that is facebook (I barely use it, as you could probably guess).

    Have a wonderful fall day!
    From one of your cheerleaders,