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Monday, October 10, 2011

{How Time Flies}

The last post I made about school as in April as the first semester wrapped up.  Since then, I've survived Managerial Accounting, Managing the Entrepreneurial Business (I and II), and Marketing Strategy.  Additionally, I'm in finals week for Operations Management and Strategic Management.  Talk about time flying...where did this summer go?  I remember the heat, the drought, and one crazy conference in Reno, but other than that it seems like a blur.  

At this point, I am well over half way through with the program.  It's exciting and scary at the same time.  I have my business plan and my goals for opening an event venue, but I feel like I'm not making progress.  Will I be able to ramp it up as school winds down so that I have my career ahead of me when I graduate?  Only time will tell.  

At least I accomplished one of my educational goals: to be on the next SMU Master of Science in Entrepreneurship brochure.  I told many friends that I was totally going to be on it and I am!  Well, we've taken the headshots and I've seen the layout of the page.  I guess it has something to do with me being our class representative on the SAB, being the Director of Operations (i.e. Happy Hour Chair), and just trying to stay super involved in our program.  I do think it's a terrific program and plan on sticking around post-graduation to help it grow.  

As you can see, my progress along the "Road to Master" is coming along swimmingly.  However, I have not made any progress on the front of becoming a Master Bridal Consultant, but that's only because I feel I need to be running my own business and making my own successes to make a real claim at proving myself an influential leader in this industry.  I need to speak at conferences, make more meaningful blog posts that industry pros want to read, and get more involved in ABC (in the works, I will take over as the Texas state coordinator in March).  Tara Wilson repeated a quote to me that stuck with her and is now stuck with me..."you are either a consumer or a creator."  Let's create!

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