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Monday, June 11, 2012

A lot of road to go...

Well, my hopes for this blog didn't quite pan out.  My goal was to document my journey through grad school and here I am, a recent graduate without much blogging to show for it.  On Saturday, May 12th, I not only celebrated my 32nd birthday (ugh), but also turned my tassel on the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship program at Southern Methodist University.  I ended up having the highest grade point average of my classmates, so I had the honor of sitting on stage and announcing my classmates' names as they crossed the stage.  I got a nice little intro where several hundred (thousands?) people heard about my business goals.

Just as I had intended to do, I have a solid business plan and a property I intend to purchase and operate as a historic special event venue.  Now I am just looking for an investor to put the down payment on the loan and get us started.  Yes, "us."  I have taken on a partner, another wedding planner, to have a minority ownership and to share in all the strife that a new start-up guarantees.  

Also in my blogging absence, I was appointed to the position of North Texas and Oklahoma state coordinator for the Association of Bridal Consultants.  It is my job to spread the word about ABC in the barren West Texas and Oklahoma areas (since D/FW has such a strong group of leaders, I won't have to do much there).  Once again, I missed the deadline for submitting sessions for national conference. I swear...I will do it for 2013.  I is one of the things I should accomplish before attempting to apply for my Master Bridal Consultant title.  

As you can see, I am well on my way to "Master."  I've got my degree and now it's time to focus on the career so that I can feel worthy of a Master Bridal Consultant title.  Hold me accountable.

Finally, I leave you with the promo video I helped create for my program at SMU.  Enjoy!

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