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Friday, April 29, 2011

{Dork Alert}

Yesterday, I filled up for the first time at Texas Biotech, a producer of high quality Biodiesel that is made from virgin and used vegetable oil.  I first heard about them through the Green Spot Market by White Rock Lake (a hearty jaunt from where I live in Fort Worth), but was told they only "sometimes" pump to the public.  Turns out they have an operating pump that is open Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm!  I stopped by yesterday on my way to school and it's right off of Highway 360 and I-30, only 4 miles from my parents' house in Grand Prairie. For.  The.  Win.  
When I stepped out of the car, I immediately got my first whiff of Biodiesel.  I volunteered at the PrairieFire Biofuels Coop shop on numerous occasions and that smell is ingrained in my memory.  I couldn't help but smile and talk excitedly to the business owner, Abraham, about my experience with Biodiesel.  Why am I so passionate about it?  I'll tell you..

A.  No oil and no war required to make Biodiesel.  

B.  You can cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 80 percent with B100 Biodiesel.

C.  The oils they use are waste products from domestic farms that make other things, like food for human and animal consumption, glycerin for cosmetics, and oil for cooking. 

D.  Any diesel engine can run on conversions required!  

E.  Biodiesel is more corrosive than Petrol Diesel which means it will clean out your engine (and not leave gunky residue buildup) and it lubricates the engine to help it run smoother, quieter and more efficiently.

F.  Sure, it costs money to make Biodiesel and you have to use precious farm resources to grow the crops that make the oil, but it's a step in the right direction towards reducing our dependency on oil.  Trust me, I'm all over a solar powered car or an electric hybrid that can be charged using electricity made from wind or solar.  

G.  Finally, soy bean prices are what determines the price of Biodiesel, not oil.  Just last week, it was $2.99 a gallon compared to $3.99 or more at most pumps for diesel.  Even if it cost more than "dino-diesel", I'd still pay for it.  

H.  Sorry, one more thing.  I get nearly 50 mpg.  That's right.  Uh huh.

Ok, now that I've thoroughly convinced you to tell all your friends to use Biodiesel (if they have a diesel engine vehicle), let's get down to business.  A bumper sticker!  I had a great one from PrairieFire that said "Biodiesel Powered" and I always got lots of compliments and questions.  After I moved back to Texas, though, I couldn't find a convenient source for Biodiesel and I started to feel like a hypocrite, so I took it down.  Now that I am confident in my ability to always have B99 in my car, I need a new bumper sticker!  Vote on your favorite below by making a comment to the blog...  
Range Biodiesel Bumper Stickergot biodiesel DecalDecalB100This Car is a Vegetarian bumper sticker.Powered By Biodiesel Bumper StickerMore MPG than your hybrid diesel bumper stickerBiodiesel turns me on bumper stickerBiodiesel in the Morning Bumper Bumper Sticker

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  1. I like 2 of them, so I likely will not be much help, but here are my fave: This car is a vegetarian, powered by biodiesel, and I love the smell of biodiesel in the morning. I am going to have to google this biodiesel option you mention. Strong argument you present Ms. Dupont, strog argument indeed.