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Monday, April 11, 2011

{Note to Self}

Sometimes I have to remind myself why I do the things I do, like work two jobs plus running my own business from out of state, participate on the board of directors of a large, influential industry association, and try to lead a local networking group of another.  Oh yeah, and grad school.  Oh yeah, and freelance work in between.  Oh yeah, and some resemblance of a social life.  

So, in response to my throbbing head due to lack of sleep, I am laying out the following reminders to myself:

1.  Grad school is supposed to be hard and time-consuming.  It's designed that way and the experience is the same for all who are committed to it.  This also explains why the GMAT sucked so hard.  

2.  My participation in NACE and ABC is for the benefit of my current AND future career.  Investing time in these organizations will reap many more rewards.  I may loathe compiling that newsletter at times, but it will pay off.

3.  Working at OMP is "paid study time."  Seriously.  I am not going to find a better deal than the job I currently have working as a concierge for a luxury condo building.  I get to sit in a nice lobby, have unlimited access to a computer (I'm at work now writing this blog!) for personal use, have the boss actually support these other endeavors I pursue while on the clock, and gain contacts of affluent homeowners who might need an event planner.  Plus, I have a personal space heater.  Score!

4.  Though it doesn't feel like it, I actually do have a flexible schedule.  If I need to take my dog to the vet or go get acupuncture, the boss of job #2 allows me to do so.  I do make up for it by doing work on my own time at home and at job #1.  This is the ultimate benefit of being an entrepreneur and owning your own business.  You can work around life.  

5.  Social life, who needs it?  I actually do get quite a bit of social time in.  I eat at great restaurants, have a Rahr Bucking Bock at a local pub, attend community events, go dancing, glamorous parties (well, not so much anymore), and cultural activities (symphony, opera, etc).  What I'm realizing is that what I need most is...nothing.  I just need to sit at home with my boys and bake cupcakes with a movie on in the background.  No laundry, no studying, no appointments.  Maybe eventually I will find someone to join me in doing nothing, then all will be right with the world.

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