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Monday, April 18, 2011

{Home Stretch}

The first semester is coming to an end and I have several big projects coming due.  The first one is the completed business plan for my Starting a Business class.  This is the culmination of all the other projects: The Opportunity Paper, the Revenue and Expense Forecasts, the Proforma Financial Statements, and the Marketing Plan.  My partner is updating the financials then I have the honor of writing the laser-sharp 2-page executive summary.  I'm really too verbose, so it will be difficult.

I am both excited and sad for this class to come to an end.  Excited because I will walk away with a business plan that is 95% better than most business plans presented to banks and other sources of financing and I can move forward with my business dreams.  Sad because the goal for taking the MSE program as a whole was to get this plan together and I am afraid I will be disappointed (or wondering what the point is) with all the classes after this and will get antsy.  As I am oft to do.

After this plan is submitted, then I get to prepare for two big presentations.  One is the sales pitch of this business plan to REAL VENTURE CAPITALISTS.  This makes me very nervous.  And I have high hopes of a fancy video presentation or a beautifully designed PowerPoint template.  I fear I have tapped out many of my vendor connections already with this semester's projects, so I think I am just going to have to do the best I can with what I have.

The second presentation is for Organizational Behavior.  My study group picked 4 concepts that we will illustrate in a part live and part recorded presentation where I am the emcee / host.  It was sort of my idea, and I volunteered, but now I'm regretting it just a little. Mainly because I'm afraid of giving too much too soon.  Later in the year when I'm in a higher level class, am I going to wish I'd held onto this idea for later?  Oh well... I'm going for the glory!

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